About Spezzatino


spezzatino [spe – tsa – ti’ – no] noun, ITALIAN.

1. Pietanza di carne tagliata in piccoli pezzi.
2. A stew prepared with various meats cut into small pieces.
3. A magazine that brings together informative and entertaining bits of food science, nutrition and gourmet cooking in one delicious serving — all for a great cause.

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In 2007 we had an idea. What if we could help get healthy foods into the hands (and tummies) of low-income people? Thus the Healthy Food Bank foundation charity was born.

In 2008 we had another idea: What if we could raise funds for the Healthy Food Bank, and share our love of good food, interesting stories, and beautiful photography too?

Thus Spezzatino was born.

Spezzatino is a different kind of food magazine. First, funds from Spezzatino support the Healthy Food Bank.

We wanted Spezzatino to be a kind of encyclopedia of food — food from every angle. It’s everything from an Italian grandmother’s tomato sauce recipe, to ice fishing, to knife-throwing vegans, to eating bugs and saving the world. It’s insight, food tales, and stunning images. We look at how food is grown, cared for, cooked, and consumed.

Unlike other publications, we started with nothing. No money. No paid editorial staff. No gleaming test kitchen or glossy paper. No ads. Just a dream. A few talented, dedicated people. A love of good, healthy food. (And arguably, a little obsessiveness too.)

Spezzatino was the food magazine that really fed people.

Because everyone deserves health, not hunger.

Thanks to your subscriptions and donations, we raised over $30,000 to fight hunger.

That’s a full $30,000. All of it. Because Spezzatino and the Healthy Food Bank was 100% volunteer created and run. No overhead. No hidden costs. Your subscription dollars straight to the folks who need it most. (Here’s an example.)

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. From starting with a simple recipe or two, and lots of love, to 16 beautiful issues published — all with volunteers who cheerfully donated their time, energy, and skills — well, we’re feeling good about what we’ve been able to do.

But for now, we’re done. No new issues. (But feel free to enjoy the old ones. They’re still tasty.) It’s time to turn the page, and start reading a new chapter.

We’re still working to fight hunger and poor health in vulnerable people. We’re just doing it in different ways now. Stay tuned for future projects — we’ll keep you posted.