Vol 6: Plant-Based Diets



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Editor’s Digest

What “plant-based eating” means, and why vegetarians get no respect.

Gadgets: In the Veg*n Kitchen

Juice, shred, and dehydrate your way to the good life.

The Thought of Eating a Plant

Thinking of going plant-based? What the heck does all that ovo-lacto stuff mean anyway? Ryan Andrews explains.

From the Old Country: Badam Daliya

Spicy dosa eating - not a sport for the faint of heart

Spicy dosa eating - not a sport for the faint of heart

From one of the regions that perfected plant-based eating, a hearty breakfast from Muscle Masala‘s Marshall Tully: Badam Daliya.

And photographer Kourosh Javidi takes his camera to the Festival of India to capture the fun, frivolity, and spicy dosa eating contest! (Download a free sample in PDF)

Word of Mouth: Jennifer Italiano, Live Raw Organic Food Bar

“Give me a food processor,” she says, “and I can kick anyone’s butt.” She’s not kidding. Her raw food dishes are whimsical, delicious, and somehow manage to make us forget all about hamburgers.

From Lab to Lunch: Plant Proteins and Athletes

Athlete Koya Webb

Athlete Koya Webb

Can a vegetarian athlete have optimum nutrition? Is Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Diet the secret to athletic success? Nutritionist Kyle Byron investigates.

Plus vegetarian athletes Tim Van Orden, Koya Webb, and Brendan Brazier share their favourite protein sources!

Photoessay: Soy Story

Soy Story

Soy Story

Photographer Evan Abramson captures peasant farmers in Paraguay fighting against a $600 million dollar industry.

Traveling Tastes: Czech Republic

Vanessa Holm’s vegetarian adventures in the meat-loving Czech Republic.


Vegetable Romance

Girl meets vegetable in Jaime Green’s tale of falling in love at the farmers’ market. (Download a free PDF sample.)

Soys “R” Us: The Risky Business of Big Soy

Why this “health food” may not be as healthy as you think. Erin Weiss-Trainor interviews author Kaayla Daniel, author of The Whole Soy Story. You may think twice about that tofurkey after reading this.

Series: Plant-based eating and the environment

I. Eat Your Greens: Environmentalism and Plant-Based Eating

From greenhouse-gas-farting cows to death by poop, Elizabeth Hartnett investigates the environmental consequences of the industrial animal farming system.

II. Mathematics Is the Language of Nature

Mathematics professor and vegetarian advocate Richard Schwartz sums it up for us, showing all work. Does PBD = (earth x happy)?

Flour Child: Greg Herriot, OilSeed Works

Hemp: It slices, dices, liquefies, purees! It’s a floor wax and dessert topping! It runs your tractor and heats your home! It keeps you from going naked! And it’s great on salad! Farmer Greg Herriot hasn’t found a way to make hemp do windows yet, but it wouldn’t surprise us.

No Sex Please, We’re Vegan

Long dismissed as ascetic wallflowers, vegans are coming out swinging. PETA’s girl-on-girl publicity stunt! Vegan Vixens! Lettuce bikinis! Vegansexuals! Yowza!


Series 2: Body/Worship

Two ways of revering the body, explored through plant-based eating.

I. Vegan Athletes

Think vegans are a bunch of skinny weaklings? Don’t say that too loudly. Kickboxer James Southwood, strength athlete Mike Mahler, or whip-cracker Tonya Kay may just come kick your ass. Pam Boteler will out-paddle you and Ruth Heidrich will outrun you. And Robert Cheeke probably just looks better than you in a Speedo.


Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke

menorah-broccoli II. Food and Faith: Vegetarianism in religion

Can plant-based eating bring us closer to enlightenment and/or the divine? Stealing The Simpsons‘ “Gabbing About God” concept, we look at how a handful of religions walk the veggie path.

The Frugal Vegetarian

Cheap eats in lean times. Drawing on inspiration from her mother’s Chinese kitchen, Linda Theung shows you how to make trash soup.

Diary of a Veggie Movement

A history of Toronto’s Vegetarian Association.


pasta-aglio-e-olio From featured chef Vincent Tropepe:

Going Green: Pasta aglio e olio

From the chef’s grandma, a recipe and some advice: Make sure you brush your teeth or you will sleep alone.

beet-greens-omelette Beet greens omelette

You can use leftovers. You can scavenge the ingredients. And according to Jaime Green, one bite will make you say “Holy crap, that was good!”

(Download a free PDF sample.)

seitan-o-greatness Seitan o’greatness

The legendary Post-Punk Kitchen recipe.

peanut-butter-cookies Peanut butter cookies

Vegan bakers, take heart! There is culinary life after eggs!

spicy-lemongrass-tofu Spicy lemongrass tofu

A tummy-warming Vietnamese twist on an old staple.

kate-pesto-quinoa Easy kale pesto quinoa

A bowful of goodness: antioxidants, fibre, protein and great taste.