Vol 9: Garlic


front-cover-sm-shadowHow can garlic fight cancer, heart disease, infections and vampires? How can garlic help your sex life? Why should you start smashing things in your kitchen? Are you brave enough to try our garlic curry?

It’s all here. All in one volume.

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Editor’s Digest

I love garlic breath. There. I’ve said it.

The First Garlic

A traditional Filipino tale of how garlic came to be.

It’s Not Easy Being Garlic

Garlic: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. We’re determined to put this venerable lady in the white dress she deserves.

Garlic Gadgets

Keep, peel, mince, press, zest, and mash to your heart’s content — then use our handy trick to get the garlic funk off your fingers.

Vol 9 Garlic Gadgets-image

A Brief History of Garlic

From Grok to Galen, garlic’s 10,000 year journey to your table.


Garlic Does a Body Good

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Garlic

Ayurveda and Garlic: A Heated Affair

It’ll clean your pipes, keep your eyes sparkling, and make your fur shiny. There’s nothing this humble bulb can’t cure, it seems, and medical traditions worldwide have 1001 uses.

From Lab to Lunch: Garlic Kills Bugs Dead

Look out microbes! Eff off, fungi! Pack your bags, parasites! There’s a new, sulfurous sheriff in town.

Garlic Man 01

Garlic Man illustration by Marie Doig

Black Garlic

Weird, oddly compelling, and possibly one of the best sources of antioxidants out there.

SPEZZATINO_Garlic_Black Garlic_Final 3

Garlic: The Vampire Slayer?
Garlic and our collective unconscious. Repels all and sundry underworldies!

Photo: Nikita Chrystephan

Photo: Nikita Chrystephan


True Tales from the Farm: Growing Garlic
Fumbling with tiny seed packets? Fugedaboudit. If you have opposable thumbs, regardless of whether they’re green or black, you can grow garlic.

Flavour Country: The Biodiversity of Garlic

Farming Garlic: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Cheap garlic imports threaten both small farmers and garlic’s biodiversity. And possibly, your food safety. Plus, discover one farmer’s… unusual… favourite garlic dish.


Gail, Garlie, and Gleeson

Garlic Gluttony

Garlic cowboy poetry meets the passion of a garlic girl. Love and smelliness ensues.

Garlic: Human Companion

A Smelly Stranger Came to Town

Our long history of garlic lovin’ and travelin’, and how this shapes communities.

Craxy Sexy Garlic

Can garlic actually HELP your love life?

Photoessay: Garlic Mosaic


How To Prep Garlic

Chef’s Feature Recipe: Onion and Garlic Bisque

Gasconnade: Lamb with Garlic

Black Garlic Couscous

Lasan Kari: Garlic Curry

Ajo Blanco: Garlic and Almond Soup

West Coast Salmon Saltimbocca — the winning recipe from the South Cariboo Garlic Festival